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The Elle TENS is the award-winning Maternity TENS machine, recommended by midwives. All settings are pre-set making it simple to use. It also features the latest Optimax technology. Optimax gives an extra pulse of pain combatting power in the final stages of labour - when you need it most. “Setting Up Your Elle TENS” found on page 5 to obtain the best performance from your unit. Before using the Elle TENS, please read the contraindications and warnings on pages 1 and 2. 1. Ensure the Elle TENS unit is switched off. 2. Insert 2 x AA batteries in the compartment at the back of the unit see figs 1 and 2, page 6. 3. The Smart TENS can be used for all types of injuries such as sports injuries or ailments such as arthritis, sciatica, back/knee pain, the list is endless really. This powerful digital TENS unit is sophisticated and simple to use, operating on an intensity that is adjustable to individual users preference or tolerance.

Elle TENS unit comes with: Instruction booklet 2 lead wires 1 set of AA batteries 1 neck lanyard 1 pack of electrodes 1 soft black leather or faux leather case. Elle TENS unit comes with: Instruction booklet 2 lead wires 1 set of AA batteries 1 neck lanyard 1 pack of electrodes 1. 09/11/2019 · Order a Elle TENS maternity TENS – to buy today from. Delivery free on all UK orders over £50.

Manage your TENS Machines Results and Expectations. Even though this unit has gained a lot of traction thanks to its very smart and convenient way to reduce pain, it is important to manage the results and expectations. The TENS machine usually won’t work immediately, so patience is really a virtue. If you are looking for a TENS unit that can work on various parts of your body, this is the one. It can also accommodate two users. This TENS unit is very compact and can fit in your pockets. It is about the size of a pocket music player. This TENS machine is a great method of relieving Nerve and muscle pains. Body Clock - No 1 for TENS units and electrodes. Try the next generation Smart TENS featuring Han Stimulation or the sensational Profile TENS - with professional grade. Tens for sale in New Zealand. Buy and sell Tens on Trade Me. Shop for TENS Unit in Pain Relievers. Buy products such as 40PCS TENS Unit Electrode Pads Replacement for TENS EMS Massage, 2 Inch Square White Cloth Backing with Premium Adhesive Gel at Walmart and save.

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